SEMH stands for Social, Emotional and Mental Health. It was previously known as SEBD (Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties).The key factor that comes from SEMH is a child’s academic ability, and their readiness to learn.

The Social aspect of SEMH refers to the lack of ability to relate to other people, not only in the classroom, but in the wider world. They will struggle to understand things from the point of view of others, which will then prevent them from being able to concentrate.

The Emotional aspect is the issue to control and regulate their emotions, and understand the way they are feeling. There are times where people with SEMH are feeling a certain way (such as anxious, scared, upset, sad) and then presents their feeling as anger, though the root problem is something different that they aren’t able to understand and communicate.

These factors combined, can lead to Mental Health issues throughout their life. There are a significant amount of young people that suffer with SEMH that can go on to have battles with bouts of depression and anxiety attacks, which can lead to them to become withdrawn from society.

If you require further information, or support with regards to SEMH, please feel free to use the forums to ask one of our knowledgeable members!

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