It’s live!

Well, only 13 days later than originally announced…the site is now active!

I had issues with the sign up as it wouldn’t send sign up emails or forgot password emails, but thankfully that’s all fixed now!

You can sign up on the right hand side of the page, where you can create a username and then be able to access your profile!

From your profile section, you can add or change profile pictures, add information to your bio and even add updates on how you’re feeling, news and even information you can share with your friends! (You can also add friends too!)

Your bio is going to tell us all why you’re here and how SEN affects you, which will help other people of similar background connect with you.
I have put a lot of work into this, and I hope that if you read this post, that you sign up and look through the page, it only takes a few minutes!

Have a good day!

Oh, and if you want you can link this page, or any page on the website from the side bar to add people to this community!

Thank you!

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Save the date!

PSSST….Guess what!?

I have a date for your diary!

Monday 12th February 2018

is the day we launch the website!

The days building up to the launch I will be sharing with you different snippets and bits of the site, and re enforce the websites goals of being a place of support for everyone impacted by SEN!

Watch this space!

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SEN & Beyond!

The website is now as complete as it can be (for now!).

We are going to be conducting some testing over this week, to check the profiles and forum are working and that it is ready for people to enjoy and access.

We have also created a JustGiving page, to raise donations to help SEN & Me grow and develop (I will post the link to the JustGiving page below this post). Our plan is to find a space for us to use to be a ‘home’ for SEN & ME, where people can attend to find support or speak to a specialist, and host a wide range of social groups, sensory play circuits and other fun activities. We will also be looking at providing Work Readiness Training and support young adults with SEN to find work!

I have put a lot of hours and work into this, and the forum is just the beginning of the plans I have to make resources, support (both physical and emotional) and information accessible to all people from all backgrounds that are impacted by additional needs and disabilities, and I can’t wait to take you all on this journey!

This time next week, we should have a fully launched website and Forum!

Thank you :).

Click Here for our JustGiving Page!

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My first post!


So I have never written a blog before, and before I started typing I had no real goal, or specific topic to go into.

I have worked with young people with SEN for over 10 years, and though there are some fantastic support groups and organisations, there wasn’t a centralised location for all parents, professionals and even young people with SEN to come together, thats where SEN & Me come in.

I am currently working through this website, finding various information and sources to collate and display for your viewing pleasure. This platform will be a hub for professionals, young people with SEN and parents to create a profile and be able to ask and share advice, and use invaluable life/professional experiences to support others!

Watch this space!

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