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Welcome to SEN & Me!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website, and I hope that you stick around to contribute to our community.

SEN & Me is designed to be an information hub for all things SEN. The word ‘Me’ in SEN & Me is fluid, and can be anyone impacted by a diagnosis of SEN. This could be a parent of children with SEN, Teachers or other professionals that work with children with SEN, charities that support SEN, or even the person with the condition!

Our aim is to bring people, from all backgrounds, knowledge bases and experiences into one place, and creating a community around you all to share and support each other.

Life can be difficult, even without SEN, but with SEN the daily struggles that we face can be magnified as well as facing additional barriers to daily activities and learning. SEN & Me aims to be the space in which you can ask for advice/support, share strategies and success stories, and generally communicate with people that are in a similar position to yourself, in an attempt to help us all feel supported.

We have a Forum area where you can immerse yourself into our cohesive community, and share a space with other parents, young people and professionals.

Behind SEN & Me….

My name is Stefan, and I am the creator of SEN & Me. I have been working with young people with SEN for over 10 years, taking on various roles including TA, Mentor and Instructor. I currently work in a school as an Instructor teaching young people (11-16 years old) with SEN following a primary model (single class based learning environment with a constant teacher- me!).

I have worked in mainstream schools, Primary Referral Units (PRUs), Independent Schools and Special schools, so I have seen the amount of support and specialist care that is provided to our young people in a variety of settings.

I am extremely passionate about working with young people with SEN, and it is something I have wanted to do since I was around 7 years old.

So, Why SEN & Me?

From my experience in working with SEN, I have been fortunate to work with some fantastic parents and truly outstanding professionals. I have asked questions, and also been asked questions, that I have not known the answer to, whether that be down to experience, or not having had the opportunity to learn about something, I thought

“I can’t be the only one that doesn’t/didn’t know about this!?”

I found that talking with other teachers, parents and other professionals, that there is an unmeasurable amount of knowledge, and a fountain of information that isn’t being utilised. Yes they are using their knowledge and expertise professionally, but a small contribution of time socially, and by having a platform for people to ask the questions, the information that evades all of us can be a few clicks away. The information you have, the support you are able to give and the strategies that you have in your arsenal, no matter how trivial, can transform someone’s day and make somebody’s day slightly easier.

That’s where SEN & Me aim to be, the first call for parents, professionals and young people to share and also ask the questions that nobody else is willing to ask, enabling all people impacted by SEN to be supported.

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Thank you for getting this far through our ‘About Me’ section, and I hope you feel that you can register, and become a part of our community and make the world of SEN, that tiny bit better!

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