ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperacticity Disorder. It is a mental disorder that affects their emotions, their ability to learn, their self-control and memory.

Usual characteristics of someone with ADHD include:

– a struggle to pay attention

– an excessive need for movement and physical activity.

– a difficulty to control their behaviour (often acting on impulses).

Statistically speaking, ADHD is more common in boys over girls, with over three times more boys receiving a diagnosis over girls. This is due to there being some differences in the characteristics displayed by girls with ADHD (can display less hyperactive traits, but may show other signd through being forgetful, disorganised or socially withdrawn).

In school (or at home) this would present itself when pupils are asked to sit for long periods of time, struggling to stay in their chair, and impulsive behaviours. Through regular movement breaks, a structured routine and by breaking down activities in small steps, you can support the pupil in accessing their learning.

There are many different medications available to support ADHD, they are usually stimulants. Your doctor at CAMHS (or adult services) will be able to advise you on the best dosage and type of medication.

I feel it worth noting here that the dosage can increase/decrease over time due to growth and hormonal imbalance during puberty.

If you require further information, or support with regards to ADHD, please feel free to use the forums to ask one of our knowledgeable members!

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