Learning Difficulties

In this section we will talk about the different Learning Disabilities. The most common Learning Difficulties are (Mild Learning Difficulty, Moderate Learning Difficulty, Severe Learning Difficulty and Profound/Multiple Learning Disabilities).

Children that have PMLD (Profound/multiple Learning Difficulties) is a very open term, and does not have a specific or prescribed definition. They will have multiple disabilities and they usually,(though not always) include Developmental Delay, some sensory impairments and usually a physical disability (affecting their mobility). Children with PMLD can sometimes have difficulties with literacy skills, maths skills, have a short attention span, struggle with transferable skills and limited vocabulary which affects their speaking and communication skills.

SLD (or Severe Learning Difficulty) is the diagnosis that  your child will face significant challenges with day to day function and obtaining new skills. They will present little to no speech, and need constant support, especially with day to day activities such as washing and dressing.

People that have Moderate Learning Difficulties will achieve significantly lower academically than other children of a similar age (national curriculum levels). The child will be given the ‘label’ of Moderate Learning Difficulties if they are being given additional support or intervention, or attending a special provision to help them access the curriculum. The difficulties they face is learning and developing basic reading, writing and Mathematic skills. They will also face challenges with their underdeveloped social skills.

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