Forum Rules

Please take a moment to read through these forum rules before posting!

1.  Anybody accessing our forums must ensure that they comply with the forum rules.

– It is your responsibility to make sure you are up to date with the forum rules.

– Failure to follow and respect these rules could result in a formal warning.

-If you receive three warnings you will be removed from the forum and no longer able to access the forum.

– Private messages are not moderated but remain subject to the same rules.

– Our moderators’ interpretation of the rules is final. If a moderator makes a decision regarding a users breach of forum rules is final. You will be informed of the reasons for the decision and have the right to a review.

2. When using the forums you are expected at all times to be polite and respectful towards all forum users.

– Please remember our forums are used by people from all different aspects of SEN, and some of our members may even have SEN, so it is crucial that we are patient and respectful.

-Impolite or inappropriate postings made towards other users will be removed without being informed. If you feel that this has happened unfairly, please Contact Us.

– Your language use must remain respectful and must not include swear words. This includes the use of other symbols (* for example) to mask the spelling of an inappropriate word. Also the use of acronyms and standard SMS text terminology to abbreviate the word is prohibited.

– Please select the correct forum when posting. We may move the message to the relevant forum and let you know by email or private message.

3. You must not post any message that could be considered unwanted, unprofessional, defamatory, obscene, offensive, deliberately provocative, inflammatory, or unlawful.

– You must not use the forums to promote a grievance against any individual, company or organisation.

– Discussion about comments made by public figures on SEN topics may be allowed at the discretion of the moderators.

– If you believe that content placed on our forums breaches this rule, you must inform us via the Contact Us page at your earliest convenience.

4. The information you add to the forums need to be your own words. If you share something as your opinion, it should be clear that it is in fact your opinion.

– You must not deliberately misquote another person or make misleading statements.

– You must not register to use the forums as another person or pose as another person when posting.

5. Use of edit and delete functions

– Whenever a post is either edited or deleted the user MUST give a reason for their action. Failure to do so will be treated as a breach of forum rules.

– Posts should only be edited within a few minutes and NEVER retrospectively once the discussion has moved on.

6. Forum users are allowed one forum account only.

– If you attempt to use multiple accounts, we may remove your access to our forums without notice.

– We regularly checks the information we hold about our forum users. If we believe the information you’ve provided is incorrect, your account may be suspended.

7. Children of 16 years and under are not allowed to use our forums.

– If you are under 16 please ask your parent or guardian to post the question for you.

8. Your posts must not be deemed as spam, or contain references to non specific SEN topics.

– All spam postings will be removed from our forums. If your posts are deemed to be spam your access to our forums will be removed without notice.

9. Postings must be mindful of copyright law.

– The forums must not be used to post, exchange or download material protected by copyright law.

– You must fully reference any extracts from copyrighted material.

– If you breach copyright laws your post will be removed.

– You may be held liable for the content you post. Be aware of content on the World Wide Web that might be subject to copyright.

Once you have read and familiarised yourself with these rules, please continue on to the Forum.

It’s not pleasant to have to write Forum Rules, however they are here to keep us all safe and to ensure we can maintain the joy that this forum will bring us! If you have any issues with the rules, or feel there should be an amendment, please Contact Us!